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   The Yearbook of Langland Studies ( YLS )

Table of Contents: Volume 26 (2012)

(ISSN: 0890-2917; ISBN 978-2-503-54302-4)

Michael Bennett, "William Called Long Will" (1-25)

Stephanie Trigg, "Langland's Tears: Poetry, Emotion, and Mouvance" (27-48)

Mary Raschko, "Love of God and Neighbour: The Communal Ethics of Langland's Samaritan Parable" (49-75)

Curtis R. H. Jirsa, "Piers Plowman's Lyric Poetics" (77-110)

Sr. Mary Clemente Davlin, O.P., "Genealogical Terms in Piers Plowman" (111-32)

J. A. Burrow and Thorlac Turville-Petre, "Editing the B Archetype of Piers Plowman and the Relationship between Alpha and Beta" (133-62)

Christine Schott, "The Intimate Reader at Work: Medieval Annotators of Pies Plowman" (163-85)

Katharine Breen, "The Need for Allegory: Wynnere and Wastoure as an Ars Poetica" (187-229)

Noriko Inoue and Myra Stokes, "Restrictions on Dip Length in the Alliterative Line: The A-Verse and the B-Verse" (231-60)

Ian Cornelius, "Review Essay: Alliterative Revival: Retrospect and Prospect" (review of Randy P. Schiff, Revivalist Fantasy: Alliterative Verse and Nationalist Literary History) (261-76)

Martin K. Foys, "Review Essay: The Piers Plowman Electronic Archive and the Formation of Durable Mutation" (review of vol. 3, MS M, ed. Eliason, Turville-Petre, and Duggan; vol. 4, MS Hm/Hm2, ed. Calabrese, Duggan, and Turville-Petre; vol. 5, MS R, ed. Adams) (277-86)


  • Dee Dyas, ed., The English Parish Church through the Centuries DVD (Ellen K. Rentz) (287-89)
  • Kate Crassons, The Claims of Poverty: Literature, Culture, and Ideology (Richard Firth Green) (289-92)
  • Colette Moore, Quoting Speech in Early English (Merja Stenroos) (212-15)
  • Míceál F. Vaughan, ed., Piers Plowman: The A Version (Derek Pearsall) (297-99)
  • Mike Rodman Jones, Radical Pastoral, 1381-1594: Appropriation and the Writing of Religous Controversy (Larry Scanlon) (299-302)

Annual Bibliography, 2011 (David Adams, Emily Steiner, and Lawrence Warner) (303-31)


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