YLS Volume 9 (1995)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-931791-62-0)   PAPERS FROM THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL LANGLAND CONFERENCE John A. Alford, “Langland’s Learning”     1 Response by Stephen A. Barney      8 Response by Andrew Galloway     10 Richard Barnes, “Langland’s Stance and Style”     19 Response by Mary Clemente Davlin, O. P.      31 Response by M. E. J. [more]

YLS Volume 8 (1994)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-937191-57-4)   ESSAYS George Kane, “Reading Piers Plowman”     1 Jill Mann, “The Power of the Alphabet: A Reassessment of the Relation between the A and the B Versions of Piers Plowman”     21 Robert Adams, “Langland’s Ordinatio: The Visio and the Vita Once More”     51 Anne Hudson, “Piers Plowman and the Peasants’ [more]

YLS Volume 7 (1993)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-937191-56-6)   ESSAYS Ralph Hanna III, “Studies in the Manuscripts of Piers Plowman”     1 Richard K. Emmerson, “‘Or Yernen to Rede Redels?’: Piers Plowman and Prophecy”     27 Stephen Manning, “Langland and the Tradition of Spiritual Growth”    77 Peter Barney, “Line-Number Index to the Athlone Edition of Piers Plowman”     97   NOTES [more]

YLS Volume 6 (1992)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-937191-48-5)   ESSAYS John M. Bowers, “Piers Plowman and the Police: Notes Toward a History of the Wycliffite Langland”     1 Patrick J. Gallacher, “Imaginatif and the Sensus Communis”     51 Frank Grady, “Piers Plowman, St. Erkenwald, and the Rule of Exceptional Salvations”     63 Andrew Galloway, “Piers Plowman and the Schools”     89 Ralph [more]

YLS Volume 5 (1991)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-937191-43-4)   ESSAYS Fred C. Robinson, “Robert E. Kaske”     1 Robert Adams, “Editing and the Limitations of the Durior Lectio”     7 Frederick M. Biggs, “‘For God Is After an Hand’: Piers Plowman B.17.138-205″     17 Helen Cooper, “Gender and Personification in Piers Plowman”     31 Patrick J. Gallacher, “Imagination, Prudence, and the Sensus [more]

YLS Volume 4 (1990)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-937191-28-0)   ARTICLES Kathleen L. Scott, “The Illustrations of Piers Plowman in Bodleian Library MS. Douce 104″     1 Robert Worth Frank, Jr., “The ‘Hungry Gap,’ Crop Failure, and Famine: The Fourteenth-Century Agricultural Crisis and Piers Plowman”     87 Helen Barr, “The Relationship of Richard the Redeless and Mum and the Sothsegger: Some [more]

YLS Volume 3 (1989)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-937191-15-9)   ARTICLES E. Talbot Donaldson, George Economou, Richard Barnes, “On Translating Piers Plowman”     1 David G. Allen, “The Dismas Distinctio and the Forms of Piers Plowman B.10-13″     31 James F. G. Weldon, “Gesture of Perception: The Pattern of Kneeling in Piers Plowman B.18-19″     49 Charlotte Brewer, “The Textual Principles of [more]

YLS Volume 2 (1988)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-937191-08-6)   ARTICLES Elizabeth D. Kirk, “Langland’s Plowman and the Recreation of Fourteenth-Century Religious Metaphor”     1 Mary Clemente Davlin, O.P., “Piers Plowman and the Books of Wisdom”     23 T. P. Dolan, “Langland and FitzRalph: Two Solutions to the Mendicant Problem”     35 Thomas Cable, “Middle English Meter and Its Theoretical Implications”     47 [more]

YLS Volume 1 (1987)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-937191-05-1)   ARTICLES David Lawton, “The Subject of Piers Plowman”     1 Anne Middleton, “The Passion of Seint Averoys [B.13.91]: ‘Deuynyng’ and Divinity in the Banquet Scene”     31 Hoyt N. Duggan, “Notes toward a Theory of Langland’s Meter”     41 Helen Cooper, “Langland’s and Chaucer’s Prologues”     71 James Simpson, “Spirituality and Economics in [more]