YLS Volume 29 (2015)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN: 978-2-53-55983-4)   ESSAYS Tekla Bude, “Panis Angelorum: Rollean Canor and Piers Plowman”     3 R. James Goldstein, “Ve vobis qui ridetis (Lk 6.25): Laughter in Piers Plowman”     25 Paul Megna, “Dread, Love, and the Bodies of Piers Plowman A.10, B.9, and C.10″     61 Rosemary O’Neill, “Counting Sheep in the C Text of Piers Plowman”     89 Sarah Wood, “Confession […]

Langland Study Day

Langland Study Day, Worcester Cathedral, 19 September 2015 The IPPS and Worcester Cathedral co-sponsored a Langland Study Day on 19 September 2015, with speakers discussing Langland and his poem and medieval life, literature, and music. IPPS members Peter Sutton, A. V. C. Schmidt, and Lawrence Warner were on the program:

Sixth IPPS Conference

Sixth International Piers Plowman Conference, 23-26 July 2015 Many thanks to the organizers of the terrific conference in Seattle, especially Mí?eál Vaughan and his colleagues at the University of Washington! The Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper — free access to a selection of Brepols journals (Viator, New Medieval Literatures) plus membership in the IPPS […]

YLS Volume 28 (2014)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN: 978-2-503-55212-5) ESSAYS Marie Turner, “Guy of Warwick and the Active Life of Historical Romance in Piers Plowman”     3 Alastair Bennett, “Covetousness, ‘Unkyndenesse’, and the ‘Blered’ Eye in Piers Plowman and ‘The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale’”     29 Noelle Phillips, “Compilational Reading: Richard Osbarn and Huntington Library MS HM 114”     65 William Rhodes, “Medieval Political Ecology: […]

YLS Volume 27 (2013)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN: 978-2-503-54852-4) ESSAYS J. A. Burrow, ‘Another Alliterative Pattern in Piers Plowman B’     3 Karrie Fuller, ‘The Craft of the “Z-Maker”: Reading the Z text’s Unique Lines in Context‘     15 Simon Horobin, ‘John Cok and his Copy of Piers Plowman‘     45 Ad Putter, ‘Dialects in the Harley Miscellany: The Song of the Husbandman and The Poet’s Repentance‘ […]

YLS Volume 26 (2012)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN 978-2-503-54302-4)   Michael Bennett, “William Called Long Will”     1 Stephanie Trigg, “Langland’s Tears: Poetry, Emotion, and Mouvance”     27 Mary Raschko, “Love of God and Neighbour: The Communal Ethics of Langland’s Samaritan Parable”     49 Curtis R. H. Jirsa, “Piers Plowman‘s Lyric Poetics”     77 Sr. Mary Clemente Davlin, O.P., “Genealogical […]

YLS Volume 25 (2011)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN 978-2-503-53656-9)   ESSAYS Jill Mann, “Some Observations on ‘Structural Annotation’”     1 Andrew Galloway, “Non-literary Commentary and its Literary Profits: The Road to Accounting-ville”     9 Andrew Cole, “Commentaries on Unknown Texts: On Morton Bloomfied and Friedrich Nietzsche”     25 Traugott Lawler, “Langland Versificator”     37 Michael Van Dussen, “Parsing the […]

YLS Volume 24 (2010)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN 978-2-503-53274-5)   After George Kane: The Text, Manuscripts, and Meanings of Piers Plowman Ralph Hanna, “George Kane and the Invention of Textual Thought: Retrospect and Prospect”     1 Derek Pearsall, “Editing the C Text: The Athlone Press Edition of 1997 ”     21 Timothy L. Stinson, “Makeres of the Mind: Authorial Intention, […]

YLS Volume 23 (2009)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN: 978-2-503-53090-1)   Barbara Newman, “Redeeming the Time: Langland, Julian, and the Art of Lifelong Revision ”     1 D. Vance Smith, “Negative Langland”     33 Simon Horobin, “Adam Pinkhurst and the Copying of British Library, MS Additional 35287 of the B Version of Piers Plowman”    61 J. A. Burrow, “Conscience on Knights, Kings, […]

YLS Volume 22 (2008)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN: 978-2-503-52784-0)   Christopher Cannon, “Langland’s Ars Grammatica”     1 Cristina Maria Cervone, “Langland and the Truelove Tradition”     27 Macklin Smith, “Langland’s Unruly Caesura”     57 Sarah Tolmie, “Langland, Wittgenstein, and the Language Game”     103 Katherine Zieman, “The Perils of Canor: Mystical Authority, Alliteration, and Extragrammatical Meaning in Rolle, the Cloud-Author, and Hilton”     […]