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Members of IPPS receive advance mailings about conferences and events, a newsletter, and a subscription to the print volumes of YLS. Join or renew your membership above or by sending a check to the Treasurer. If mailing a check, please also send along your name, mailing address, email address, and institutional affiliation, to:


Michael Johnston

Dept. of English, Purdue University

324 Heavilon Hall

500 Oval Drive

West Lafayette, IN 47907-2038


Check when you last paid dues on this spreadsheet. If you have other questions please write to piersplowmansociety (at sign)

Questions and other correspondence regarding your membership should be addressed to piersplowmansociety (at sign)

Society membership includes:

Subscription to the Yearbook of Langland Studies

Access to the electronic, searchable version of the Annual Bibliography on this site (click “Bibliographies” above right).

Early information about IPPS conferences and Langland-related calls for papers through email announcement as well as on the website.

Future plans include gaining non-profit status and growing a fund that would allow us to offer subsidies for graduate students to attend the IPPS conferences. Note that at its 2011 meeting, the Executive approved the institution of a reduced membership fee of $25 for students and independent scholars.


Fiona Somerset, University of Connecticut, is Director of the IPPS through January 2021. Contact: fiona.somerset at From December 15, 2016 the Executive Board comprises:Edwin Craun, Washington and Lee (Treasurer; term exp. January 2018)

Isabel Davis, Birkbeck College (Secretary; term exp. January 2018)

Katharine Breen, Northwestern University (ex officio as co-editor of YLS)

Noelle Phillips, Douglas College (term exp. January 2018)

Michael Johnston, Purdue University (term exp. January 2020)

Nicolette Zeeman, University of Cambridge (term exp. January 2020)

Tom Goodmann, University of Miami (ex officio as co-chair of the organizing committee of the 2019 conference)