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YLS Volume 31 (2017)

Table of Contents (ISBN 978-2-503-57877-4)   Commentary     1 Ann Killian, “Menacing Books: The Prick of Conscience and the Rhetoric of Reproof”     5 Denise N. Baker, “Pre-Empting Piers’s Tearing of the Pardon: Langland’s Revisions of the C Visio”     43 John Burrow, “Trajan, the Dreamer, and Recklessness in Piers Plowman”     73 Erica Machulak, “Langland’s Sages: Reading Aristotle […]

YLS Volume 30 (2016)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN: 978-2-503-55984-1) Eleanor Johnson, ‘Reddere and Refrain: A Meditation on Poetic Procedure in Piers Plowman‘         3 Michael Johnston, ‘William Langland and John Ball’       29 Noriko Inoue, ‘Hiatus and Elision in the Poems of the Alliterative Revival: -ly and -liche Suffixes’ 75 Tim William Machan, ‘Defining Markedness in Middle English’     107 Eric Weiskott, ‘Piers […]

YLS Volume 29 (2015)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN: 978-2-53-55983-4)   ESSAYS Tekla Bude, “Panis Angelorum: Rollean Canor and Piers Plowman”     3 R. James Goldstein, “Ve vobis qui ridetis (Lk 6.25): Laughter in Piers Plowman”     25 Paul Megna, “Dread, Love, and the Bodies of Piers Plowman A.10, B.9, and C.10″     61 Rosemary O’Neill, “Counting Sheep in the C Text of Piers Plowman”     89 Sarah Wood, “Confession […]

YLS Volume 28 (2014)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN: 978-2-503-55212-5) ESSAYS Marie Turner, “Guy of Warwick and the Active Life of Historical Romance in Piers Plowman”     3 Alastair Bennett, “Covetousness, ‘Unkyndenesse’, and the ‘Blered’ Eye in Piers Plowman and ‘The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale’”     29 Noelle Phillips, “Compilational Reading: Richard Osbarn and Huntington Library MS HM 114”     65 William Rhodes, “Medieval Political Ecology: […]

YLS Volume 27 (2013)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN: 978-2-503-54852-4) ESSAYS J. A. Burrow, ‘Another Alliterative Pattern in Piers Plowman B’     3 Karrie Fuller, ‘The Craft of the “Z-Maker”: Reading the Z text’s Unique Lines in Context‘     15 Simon Horobin, ‘John Cok and his Copy of Piers Plowman‘     45 Ad Putter, ‘Dialects in the Harley Miscellany: The Song of the Husbandman and The Poet’s Repentance‘ […]

YLS Volume 26 (2012)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN 978-2-503-54302-4)   Michael Bennett, “William Called Long Will”     1 Stephanie Trigg, “Langland’s Tears: Poetry, Emotion, and Mouvance”     27 Mary Raschko, “Love of God and Neighbour: The Communal Ethics of Langland’s Samaritan Parable”     49 Curtis R. H. Jirsa, “Piers Plowman‘s Lyric Poetics”     77 Sr. Mary Clemente Davlin, O.P., “Genealogical […]

YLS Volume 25 (2011)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN 978-2-503-53656-9)   ESSAYS Jill Mann, “Some Observations on ‘Structural Annotation’”     1 Andrew Galloway, “Non-literary Commentary and its Literary Profits: The Road to Accounting-ville”     9 Andrew Cole, “Commentaries on Unknown Texts: On Morton Bloomfied and Friedrich Nietzsche”     25 Traugott Lawler, “Langland Versificator”     37 Michael Van Dussen, “Parsing the […]

YLS Volume 24 (2010)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN 978-2-503-53274-5)   After George Kane: The Text, Manuscripts, and Meanings of Piers Plowman Ralph Hanna, “George Kane and the Invention of Textual Thought: Retrospect and Prospect”     1 Derek Pearsall, “Editing the C Text: The Athlone Press Edition of 1997 ”     21 Timothy L. Stinson, “Makeres of the Mind: Authorial Intention, […]

YLS Volume 23 (2009)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN: 978-2-503-53090-1)   Barbara Newman, “Redeeming the Time: Langland, Julian, and the Art of Lifelong Revision ”     1 D. Vance Smith, “Negative Langland”     33 Simon Horobin, “Adam Pinkhurst and the Copying of British Library, MS Additional 35287 of the B Version of Piers Plowman”    61 J. A. Burrow, “Conscience on Knights, Kings, […]

YLS Volume 22 (2008)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISBN: 978-2-503-52784-0)   Christopher Cannon, “Langland’s Ars Grammatica”     1 Cristina Maria Cervone, “Langland and the Truelove Tradition”     27 Macklin Smith, “Langland’s Unruly Caesura”     57 Sarah Tolmie, “Langland, Wittgenstein, and the Language Game”     103 Katherine Zieman, “The Perils of Canor: Mystical Authority, Alliteration, and Extragrammatical Meaning in Rolle, the Cloud-Author, and Hilton”     […]