YLS Volume 3 (1989)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-937191-15-9)   ARTICLES E. Talbot Donaldson, George Economou, Richard Barnes, “On Translating Piers Plowman”     1 David G. Allen, “The Dismas Distinctio and the Forms of Piers Plowman B.10-13″     31 James F. G. Weldon, “Gesture of Perception: The Pattern of Kneeling in Piers Plowman B.18-19″     49 Charlotte Brewer, “The Textual Principles of [more]

YLS Volume 2 (1988)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-937191-08-6)   ARTICLES Elizabeth D. Kirk, “Langland’s Plowman and the Recreation of Fourteenth-Century Religious Metaphor”     1 Mary Clemente Davlin, O.P., “Piers Plowman and the Books of Wisdom”     23 T. P. Dolan, “Langland and FitzRalph: Two Solutions to the Mendicant Problem”     35 Thomas Cable, “Middle English Meter and Its Theoretical Implications”     47 [more]

YLS Volume 1 (1987)

Table of Contents (ISBN 0-937191-05-1)   ARTICLES David Lawton, “The Subject of Piers Plowman”     1 Anne Middleton, “The Passion of Seint Averoys [B.13.91]: ‘Deuynyng’ and Divinity in the Banquet Scene”     31 Hoyt N. Duggan, “Notes toward a Theory of Langland’s Meter”     41 Helen Cooper, “Langland’s and Chaucer’s Prologues”     71 James Simpson, “Spirituality and Economics in [more]