YLS Volume 19 (2005)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (ISSN 0890-2917) ESSAYS Andrew Cole, Fiona Somerset, and Lawrence Warner, “Foreword”     1 Simon Horobin, “The Scribe of Rawlinson 137 and the Copying and Circulation of Piers Plowman”     3 Mary Carruthers, “Allegory Without the Teeth: Reflections on Figural Language in Piers Plowman”     27 Thomas D. Hill, “When God Whistled for Chickens”: Birds [more]

YLS Volume 18 (2004)

Table of Contents (ISBN 1-58044-095-9) ESSAYS Jill Mann, “The Nature of Need Revisited”     3 A. V. C. Schmidt,“Ars or Scientia? Reflections on Editing Piers Plowman”     31 George Shuffelton, “Piers Plowman and the Case of the Missing Book”     55 Susan E. Deskis and Thomas D. Hill, “‘The longe man ys seld wys’: Proverbial Characterization and Langland’s Long [more]

YLS Volume 17 (2003)

Table of Contents (ISBN 1-58044-083-5) ESSAYS Andrew Cole, “Introduction: Langland and Lollardy: The Form of the Matter”     3 Derek Pearsall, “Langland and Lollardy: From B to C”     7 Andrew Cole, “William Langland’s Lollardy”     25 David Aers, “John Wyclif: Poverty and the Poor”     55 Fiona Somerset, “Expanding the Langlandian Canon: Radical Latin and [more]

YLS Volume 16 (2002)

Table of Contents (ISBN 1-58044-077-0) ESSAYS Lawrence Warner, “The Ur-B Piers Plowman and the Earliest Production of C and B”     3 Thorlac Turville-Petre, “Putting It Right: The Corrections of Huntington Library MS. Hm. 128 and BL Additional MS. 35287”     41 Thomas D. Hill, “Green and Filial Love: Two Notes on the Russell-Kane C Text: C.8.215 [more]

YLS Volume 15 (2001)

     1Table of Contents (ISBN 1-58044-027-4) ESSAYS C. David Benson, “What then does Langland Mean? Authorial and Textual Voices in Piers Plowman”     3 Edwin D. Craun: “‘Ye, by Peter and by Poul!’: Lewte and the Practice of Fraternal Correction”     15 Response by David C. Fowler    26Response by Lawrence M. Clopper     30Lawrence M. Clopper, “Langland and Allegory: A Proposition” [more]

YLS Volume 14 (2000)

Table of Contents (ISBN 1-58044-027-4)   ESSAYS A. V. C. Schmidt, “Langland’s Visions and Revisions”     5 Thorlac Turville-Petre, “Sir Adrian Fortescue and his Copy of Piers Plowman”     29 James Simpson, “Grace Abounding: Evangelical Centralization and the End of Piers Plowman”     49 J. A. Burrow, “Gestures and Looks in Piers Plowman”     75 Response by Priscilla Martin     84 [more]

YLS Volume 13 (1999)

Table of Contents (ISBN 1-889818-25-9) ESSAYS Andrew Galloway, ” Foreword: Reception and Its Discontents”     1 George Kane, “An Open Letter to Jill Mann about the Sequence of the Versions of Piers Plowman”     7 David C. Fowler, “Piers Plowman: Will’s ‘Apologia pro vita sua’”     35 Rees Davies, “The Life, Travels, and Library of an [more]

YLS Volume 12 (1998)

Table of Contents (ISBN 1-889818-19-4)   ESSAYS Andrew Galloway, “Introduction to Special Section: Gender and Piers Plowman”     1 Stephanie Trigg, “The Traffic in Medieval Women: Alice Perrers, Feminist Criticism, and Piers Plowman”     5 Joan Baker and Susan Signe Morrison, “The Luxury of Gender: Piers Plowman and The Merchant’s Tale     31 James J. Paxson, “Gender Personified, Personification Gendered, and the [more]

YLS Volume 11 (1997)

Table of Contents (ISBN 1-889818-13-5)   ESSAYS C. David Benson, “Piers Plowman and Parish Wall Paintings”     1 Roy J. Pearcy, “Langland’s Fair Field”     39 Wendy Scase, “‘First to reckon Richard’: John But’s Piers Plowman and the Politics of Allegiance ”     49 Edward Jones, “Langland and Hermits”     67 Richard Firth Green, “Friar William Appleton and the Date of Langland’s B Text”     [more]

YLS Volume 10 (1996)

Table of Contents (ISBN 1-889818-08-9)   ESSAYS Kathleen M. Hewett-Smith, “Allegory on the Half-Acre: The Demands of History”     1 Louise M. Bishop, “Will and the Law of Property in Piers Plowman”     23 Elisa Narin van Court, “The Hermeneutics of Supersession: The Revision of the Jews from the B to the C Text of Piers Plowman”     [more]