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The International Piers Plowman Society (IPPS) was formed at the 2nd International Langland Conference held in Asheville, North Carolina in 1999.

IPPS oversees publication of The Yearbook of Langland Studies (YLS), sponsors sessions at the International Congresses at Kalamazoo, MI and Leeds, UK; organizes international conferences on Piers Plowman; and maintains this website, which includes information on these activities and a searchable database of the annual annotated bibliographies published in YLS.

News & Events

> The editors of YLS invite submissions to a cluster on personification for vol. 33 (2019). See YLS link above right.

> The IPPS is sponsoring or co-sponsoring five sessions at Kalamazoo 2018; see 'Conferences' linke above right.

> Announcing the Anne Middleton Book Prize for best book in Langland Studies: prizes for one book published in 2015-16 and one published in 2017-18 to be awarded at the next IPPS conference. See 'Announcements' above right.

> The next IPPS conference will be held in Miami, Florida in April 2019! Tom Goodmann and Heather Blatt are co-chairs of the organizing committee.

> Congratulations to Rosemary O'Neill, winner of the 2017 Van Courtlandt Elliott Prize of the Medieval Academy for her essay "Counting Sheep in the C Text of Piers Plowman,” The Yearbook of Langland Studies 29 (2015), 89-116.

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